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"If you are persistent, you will get it. If you are consistent, you will keep it"


Bring football to youth across Ottawa in an effort to create great players and even greater people.


Through collaborative endeavors and partnerships, we will provide local youth with the opportunity to experience high quality football coaching and training. Through these efforts, we aim to consistently increase city-wide football enrollment

and provide opportunities for players through sponsorship.


Passion - Our passion drives us

We will bring excitement, enthusiasm and passion to every activity in an effort to hand down this passion to our players.

Work Ethic - We will not be out worked

We will work hard for our players and demand the same in return.  Through their efforts, our players will learn how to work hard in football and in life.  Their hard work will be recognized and rewarded. Through this our players grow to understand the benefits of hard work.

Leadership - We will create leaders not followers

We will lead through our actions, our words and our example.  Our players learn to help, support and guide each other through challenges on the field and off the field.

Discipline - We will do the things that others won’t

We will do the little things.  Our players will learn the importance of following through when they would rather take the easy way out.

Teamwork - We believe in success as a team or failure as individuals

We build friendships and trust in our fellow player. Our players learn to work together and to sacrifice for each other in an effort to attain a common goal.


Consistency - We believe that consistency is a commitment to success

We ask and reward maximum effort from our players.  Our players will learn how to apply their best effort consistently to achieve their personal best.

Respect -  We will show respect in everything we do


Respect is essential in life and in sport.  Our players will have our respect and we demand that they show respect for themselves and others on the field and off of it.



Success -  We will constantly challenge the meaning of success

We believe that success is measured by efforts not by results.  If you are persistent, consistent, disciplined, give your best and strive for constant improvement, the results will come but your potential for greater results will be limitless.

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