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Putting in the work

Ottawa Football Camp and Training

It's the off-season and players are either between sports or between seasons. This is the time to nurse the scrapes and bruises, but it is also the time to improve. While you are in the middle of a season, you are more focused on game play and the specific position that you have been assigned to rather than physical improvement. The best part about the off-season is that you can assess what you want to improve on, set goals and then work to achieve them. We've set up various training camps to bring players to another level, but we feel it is equally as important to be self disciplined. A player that has the discipline to put themselves through challenges with nobody watching is going to be great. So we decided to set up an 8 week program that can be done from anywhere without the need for equipment.

There's a great website called and it offers a number of HIIT style routines, that are perfect for off-season maintenance. This week our group is working on the 2-Minute Cardio program.

Participants will run through all the exercises for 20 seconds each, with no breaks and rest for 2 minutes before starting again.

Level 1 = 3 times

Level 2 = 5 times

Level 3 = 7 times

Each week for the 8 weeks, participants will receive a new program and should try to work their way up to level 3. The players taking part in the Ottawa Football Camp will be documenting their efforts along the way. Jump in to the Ottawa Football Group for videos and pictures of our players pushing to the next level. Help to inspire others by joining in with us and posting your own videos!

Stay tuned for week 2!

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